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Addresses We Are Watching

What does it mean for the TBW to add an address to the list of addresses we are watching? 

Suspects Addresses:  The TBW will add an address to the "Addresses We Are Watching" list if there is a reason to believe the address is associated with a suspect, known criminal and/or suspected/confirmed criminal activity.

"For Protection of the Family":  The only time we add an address for the protection of a family is when there is a potential for harm to be committed against that family, such as in a domestic violence case.  The person/member at that address must give us permission to share their information/address, before we will do so.

*The addresses contained on the list of "Addresses We Are Watching" is only shared and/or discussed through the TBW Facebook page or through private conversations with TBW members.  If you are a TBW member and have questions/concerns about an address near you, or would like to know if we are watching an address near you, please contact us.