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Most Commonly Asked Questions

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How do I know whether I should call 911 or 645-4545?

Call 911 for:

  • Any immediate threat to a person's life
  • Any fire situation
  • Any crime in progress
  • Any "unknown" type of situation

Use 645-4545 to call the Police:

  • If it is not an emergency
  • If a crime has been committed, but is no longer in progress
  • To report a suspicious vehicle or person(s)

Below is some additional/helpful information that we learned in the Citizens Police Academy as it pertains to calling 645-4545 and 911:

  • Unless someone is in immediate danger, under an immediate threat or there was an immediate personal emergency, 645-4545 is the number you need to call.
  • Both 645-4545 and 911 operators run on the same computer system, using the same screens and are located in the same room, at different work stations. This allows them to communicate and view the status of all calls within the city that are holding.
  • If you call 645-4545 and the dispatcher sees that the call needs to be elevated to 911 status, they will do that on the spot. They will not put you on hold, and they will not have you call back.
  • If you call 911 and the call is not of 911 status, they will transfer you to 645-4545, so that a 911 line is not tied up.
  • If there are no available 911 lines, the system used by the City of Columbus immediately rolls the 911 call to the next 645 line as a 911 call.
  • If a call to CPD is of a 911 call status, you will NEVER be put on hold.
  • There are up to 20 dispatchers on the floor and there is an overhead assignment screen (just like an airport flight monitor) that shows which work stations, lines, and who in the room is/are set up in the roll for 911 and which are on 645.
  • If you request a police cruiser, dispatch is REQUIRED to send one.
  • If there is an incident in your area and/or the CPD chopper is overhead, even after CPD is on scene, you as a concerned citizen have the ability to call 645-4545, to find out what is going on.
  • If you call CPD to report an incident, you as a citizen have the ability to call back later and request to know the outcome of the incident.
19 emergency siren alarm medical health

Is that... I hear?


     If you think you hear a helicopter on a regular basis, you are right.  The TBW community sits directly in the flight path for both Med Flights and Rickenbacker AFB.  So the question becomes, how do we know if the chopper we hear is Med Flight, military, or CPD? 

    The TBW now uses Flightradar24, a global flight tracking service that provides you with real-time information about thousands of aircraft around the world.  Flightradar24 tracks 180,000+ flights, from 1,200+ airlines, flying to or from 4,000+ airports around the world in real time.  How does it work?  When we hear an aircraft and want to identify what agency it is flying for, where it has been and it's real time flight status, we either pull up the app, or website online.  If the chopper is with MedFlight or the military, we screenshot the flight status and post it to the TBW Facebook page so that the community knows there is no reason for concern.  If the chopper is with CPD, we contact CPD dispatchers to identify the concern, screenshot the location of the chopper and post all of the available information on the TBW Facebook page, to make the community aware of any potential concerns.  Please visit to view flights in progress and to access the app download for your iOS or Android device.


     You may hear sirens on a regular basis, but it's not always a cause for community concern.  The TBW sits just minutes away from both the Columbus Fire Department Station 32 at 3675 Gender Rd, and the Columbus Police Department 14/20 Precinct Substation at 2500 Park Cresent Dr. 

     The TBW uses PulsePoint to identify real time data on who, what, and where as it pertains to CFD's calls for service.   If the sirens are that of CFD fire/EMS, we will screen shot the information and share it to the TBW Facebook page.  Please visit to view real time CFD calls for service and to access the app download for your iOS or Android device.

     If sirens are heard, but it does not show as a call for CFD, the source could be one of several possibilities to include, CPD/CFD passing through or CPD responding to a call.  There are no real time apps/websites that allow us to monitor CPD calls for service, at this time.  While we do sometimes monitor police scanners and police scanner apps, they are not as good as they once were, and filtering the incidents that pertain to just the TBW community is a challenge. 

     If CPD cruisers are reported to be at a specific address, or are seen responding to an incident within the TBW community, we will contact CPD dispatchers to identify what the concern is, and post any who, what, and where's that may pertain to the community, to the TBW Facebook page .  The more the community knows, the more they can assist CPD officers in identifying any suspects or concerns that can be addressed.

Questions About Meetings 

Is every meeting equally important to attend?

     It's a little difficult to determine if one meeting is more important than another as we try to cover different concerns at each (so people don't get bored) and each person may have different interests, questions or concerns.

     Because attendance is watched so closely by the city (and in part by our standards as well) we like to see more individuals there obviously. A lot of people don't realize that not only are we required to maintain a 50% status, the status of our attendance, growth and involvement has been the primary backbone of the grant funding we receive and of course the reason that our crime has gone down.

     It can get a little tricky some times if you have 1200+ members and you only see a % of those showing up or responding to emails. You start to wonder, is our email working properly, are people paying attention, have people moved, etc. 


    If you can make it to even just one meeting, it is greatly appreciated. If something comes up and you can't make it, just let us know and we will make sure to mark you down as still active!

If we're advertising that the entire community is going to be in one place at one time, doesn't that give criminals the upper hand?

     Although we do advertise the meeting dates, times and location, there are a couple of things to remember:

  • Whenever we have a meeting, because of the normal size of our meetings, we do have officers patrolling our area while we are in the meetings. We openly advertise this on our site, so any criminals who are paying close attention to what we do, will know this. In addition, the security officers for the surrounding apartment complexes and partner block watches also patrol the area while we are in our meetings.
  • We have 1200+ members in the TBW, however because of schedule issues, sports, people forgetting, etc., on average, about only 10%-15% of those individuals actually make it to the meeting.
  • For those streets that have an extremely high number of members, there are always members who stay at home to make sure someone is able to watch over those streets.

Artboard 7

If You Have a Protection Order Against Someone You Can Get a Temporary CCW Permit?

     A person that has a "protection order" against someone can get an "emergency" temporary concealed weapon license for 90 days without going through the application procedure and waiting period.

     The law allows for issuance of an emergency license under "extraordinary" circumstances involving imminent danger of one’s person or a member of their family. Evidence of imminent danger includes, but is not unlimited to protection orders or other government documents.

     There is a $30 application fee, finger prints are required and the applicant must be at least 21 year of age.

The TBW is Green?!

Why did the TBW choose the color green as their main color?

     When people think about our communities we want them to think of well kept homes and lawns, nice landscaping, and tree lined streets.  We want them to think about Independence Park and Tussing Elementary as places that they can take their children to play.  We want them to go on picnics, play games in the grass and go for walks.  We want residents to come outside and enjoy their community.  Taking all of these into consideration we wanted to pick a color that best represented the grass, trees, and parks and so we chose the color green.

What does the TBW do to help the environment?

  • The TBW recycles all unused and outdated brochures and flyers
  • The TBW recycles all ink cartridges
  • The TBW tries to purchase as many recycled products as possible
  • The TBW's new computer was designed with facial regognition log in. This way not only is your information safer, after 30 seconds, if the coordinator is not directly in front of the computer working, it will lock the computer and go to a power save screen.
  • We have begun holding a community clean up event twice a year