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Plates of Shame, Reckless Drivers Seen Within Our Community

The community is fed up with the reckless drivers in our community and have begun photographing and taking video of these drivers, when it is safe for them to do so themselves. We will continue to share these vehicles here on this page, so as to get their information out to the community and law enforcement.

Beige Lincoln, OH Plate # GHP9436

February 1, 2020

The TBW has received numerous reports of this vehicle speeding down Amberwent.

Dark Blue Dodge, OH Plate # GPG8756

January 30, 2020

This vehicle was seen passing another vehicle on Highland Park Drive when the vehicle they passed was going the posted 25mph.  The woman driving was on her phone and passed with on coming cars and people on the side walks.

Dark colored Honda CR-V, OH Plate # GFJ3100

January 24, 2019
This driver passed vehicles, going left of center of a double yellow, on icy roads and had to cut motorists off to get back over because of an oncoming vehicle. Additional video taken shows this vehicle going left of the double yellow again, to pass more vehicles.

Red Toyota Corolla LE, OH Plate #FRA6853 (missing front plate)

December 20, 2018
This lady passed several vehicles, going left of center on a double yellow, in the Tussing Elementary School zone, while workers were doing construction on the side of the road. Members later identified that this lady lives in Brooks Edge Apartments.