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Sidewalks On Tussing Rd

Update Feb 5, 2019:  Sidewalks for Tussing Road.  When we (FEAC Commissioners) asked Council person Elizabeth Brown at the Far East Area Commission meeting 2-5-19 , we were advised by the Council representative Mr. Stanley Gates that there will be no sidewalks or multiuse paths built on Tussing Rd until after the widening of Tussing Rd.  The rationale is that the City considers this a short term project and does not want to spend funds on a project that will be dug up and removed when Tussing is widened. 

Since the widening of Tussing is a "major" road improvement that goes back to the overall City roadway plan of the late 1990's, and MORPC has stated they do not have funds for major projects, project date is undetermined.

In the meantime, here is the DOT response to Jennifer's request for update of the Brice Rd project.

"Ms. Chamberlain,

Tammy Boring in our Real Estate group asked me to contact you about the funding status of the Brice Rd project. Unfortunately, it was not funded in the current round of MORPC Attributable Funds. It was the highest scoring in the major widening category, but due to limited funding availability, no major widening projects were funded. Instead the committee opted to completely fund a few smaller projects in other categories and increased costs on other existing project commitments, as opposed to partially funding one large project."

For discussion and additional information, including what you can personally do to help, attend the March 5th FEAC meeting.

-Update given to the community by Larry Marshall, Zoning Chair of the Far East Area Commission