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"No Soliciting/Trespassing" Sign

Unless our community becomes a privately owned community we will not be able to prohibit soliciting in the neighborhood. However if you post a "No Soliciting/Trespassing" Sign, and a solicitor comes to your door, you can call the police if you choose to do so and have them removed from your property and cited for trespassing. 

Solictors Permit

What you need to know about solicitors permits.

  • Each company that asks their employees to solicit, is required to secure a solicitors permit for EACH employee soliciting. If the permit is approved, each solicitor is required by the City of Columbus to have a peddler's badge displayed on the outside/front of their clothing, while soliciting. If a solicitor does not have a badge visible and cannot produce one when asked to do so, they are soliciting illegally. Please call CPD at 614-645-4545 and request an officer to make contact with the solicitor.
  • Companies are required to renew this permit each year, and the color of the badge changes each year.
  • The peddler's badge will have the person's picture on the front.
  • A company ID card or business card is NOT a peddler's badge or solicitor's permit.
  • For 2019, the color of the peddler's permit is MINT GREEN.
  • The full year badge is horizontal and the 3 month badge is vertical.  Both will have the expiration on them.
  • Current 3 month permits expire in August.  Current year permit expires 12/31/2019.

Soliciting Hours

Even if a solicitor has a peddler's badge, no one is allowed to solicit between the hours of 8:00p - 9:00a.  If anyone is out soliciting during these hours, residents are encouraged to call CPD at 614-645-4545.


There are only 4 groups that can ring your doorbell without a peddler's badge:

  • Political groups
  • Religious groups
  • Policemen
  • Firemen