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Welcome to the Pumpkin Page


This page is dedicated to finding Pumpkin, an emotional support cat owned by Veteran, Ehrin Anderson.

"I am a forty-two year old disabled Veteran of the US Army and Navy, serving from 1995 through 2006. I was disabled while serving in the Navy stationed on the USS John C Steinnis out of San Diego in 2002, when a 600+ pound steel door fell on top of my head.

According to the doctors, in the unlikely event I did survive I would be in a wheelchair for life. While I beat both of those odds, the accident left me shorter and changed my life forever. After leaving the military in 2006, I worked in Afghanistan and Kuwait as a government contractor. Since I stopped working overseas in 2010, I was paired with my two Emotional Support Animals (ESA), Scooby Doo and Pumpkin and they’ve joined me for every mile, living on the road full time as a truck driver.

I owe much of the strength I have today, my ability to work through my PTSD, and drive to workout, to my two Emotional Support Animals (ESA), Scooby Doo who is now fifteen and his nephew, Pumpkin who is twelve. Tragically though, my youngest ESA, Pumpkin, got out of my truck on Memorial Day weekend of this year. I was in the parking lot of a Planet Fitness, in Pickerington, Ohio and while I was napping, he stepped on the window button, rolled it down and jumped out. Since that day I can say my life has been pure hell. This cat literally saved my life back in 2007 when I was in the darkest depression of my life. Since I don’t live where he was lost, (I live on the road) I have a small group of volunteers from the Pickerington, Ohio area where he escaped, who have graciously helped look for him. These people were strangers who have now become friends and they have spent numerous hours, some of their own money and time away from family to help a Veteran in need."  -Ehrin Anderson  

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Search continues for veteran’s missing emotional support cat

The local NBC affiliated NBC4 did a story on Pumpkin and the search for him. The reporter, Hattie Hawks, has remained in close contact with Ehrin since Pumpkin went missing.

Click here to read the Nov 21, 2019 news article.

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Shortly after Pumpkin got out of his owner's truck, he was found in the wheel well of a vehicle at Scramblers Restaurant in Pickerington, OH.  The lady who owned the vehicle thought it was her neighbor's cat and talked the firemen in to letting her take the cat.  When she found it was not her neighbor's cat, she released Pumpkin into the woods, at the bike path, behind the Moors Apartments off of Gender Rd.  Pumpkin has not been found yet and we need to spread the word about Pumpkin as it is possible someone has him inside and doesn't realize it's him. 

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Think you found Pumpkin?

Here's What to Do!

  • Even if you aren't sure that the cat you have found is Pumpkin, we have volunteers who are ready to help.  Please contact Ehrin Anderson at 309-648-4692 or Summer Moynihan at 614-374-4871, immediately.  
  • If possible, please get a picture of the cat to send to us. 
  • If the cat runs away, make note of where the cat was seen and the time of day it was seen.  This will help us narrow down the cat's behavior/schedule and allow to search the area when the cat is most active, thus increasing our chances of finding it.
  • If you are able to handle the cat, please take it to have it checked for a microchip. 
  • Please do not try to put the cat in a cage, unless you are in an enclosed area where the cat cannot escape.  Most cats don't like cages and will not approach you for some time after you have attempted to get it in a cage. 

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Want To Help Find Pumpkin?!

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