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Tornado Siren History

Fall 2009: Great strides have been made over the past year and it does appear that there is now adequate coverage of our area by tornado sirens. However due to some circumstances everyone is not always in the best location or position to hear them. Because of this the TBW has established the TBW Emergency Warning Call List to alert members in the event of bad weather or other emergencies in our area that would required them to seek shelter. To be placed on this list, please email us at [email protected]

In addition to the TBW Emergency Warning Call List, you can also receive weather alerts by signing up for the following:

Learn about ways to prepare and what to do in the event of bad weather by going to our Weather Safety Page.

Fall 2008: We have been advised that the tornado siren coverage for parts of Independence may not be sufficient and we have advised the city so that the matter will be looked into immediately. Once we hear back regarding the status on this issue, we will left everyone know.  If you would like to review the siren coverage you may do so by visiting and clicking where it says "MAP" under "Be Prepared" in the middle of the page.  In the interim we are working on preparing an emergency phone list for all of those in the Tussing Block Watch so that all members can be notified in the event of a tornado warning.