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Tussing & Brice Rd Businesses

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Consumer Square East History

2/1/2010 Update:  While we have not heard a status update of the property owned by Benderson Development, we are aware that the JC Penney Furniture Outlet Store will not be renewing their lease. We continue to watch the status of this property closely and will advise the community of any changes.

10/8/08 UPDATE:  The owners of the company, Benderson Development, didn't give me any answers yet about their plans for the properties. I checked for a Demo permit, and there was one, so that is OK. They will also be tearing down the Penney's Furn Outlet and the mall [Factory Card, Jack's Pets, Burlington]. I found the owner's phone number and called Buffalo NY. I asked a secretary if I could speak to the Development mgr of this project….I explained that the community has some questions about what his plans for the property may be. There are no zoning or rezoning requests here at the city yet. Nothing is in progress at the zoning counter; no plans are being approved or have been presented yet. So, calling the owner was my only recourse. I left a message for Mike Dupriest (sp?) to call me regarding what they plan to do with that huge tract of land. I did ask about the multi-family dwelling units. Kim, the secretary I spoke to, stated that the company specializes in large commercial only projects. If it is to be developed into residential, two thoughts: 1) They first must ask for a rezoning, which isn't even on the radar yet and; 2) They would probably be in a purchase agreement or selling the land to someone who develops residential properties.

This is all I know so far.

I will keep in touch.

Lisa Manley

Neighborhood Liaison

Code Enforcement Officer


Road to nowhere

Consumer Square East comes tumbling down after 23 years

Road rage- Motorists Still Feeling Frustrations

Brice Road Businesses History

2/1/2010 Update:  The outlet mall and movie theatre property behind the Skyline Chili and White Castle has been purchased by a company out of Florida. As it has been explained to us, the company intends on restoring the property and filing the shops with higher end thrift stores. They are hopeful to have the stores and theatre restored and open by the end of March.

Fall 2008 Update:  We were originally advised that the old Meijer’s building was purchase by Garden Ridge. Many have noted a "For Sale" sign up in front of Meijer's and at this time we do not know the status of the sale of the building.

We were also originally advised that the gas station that was owned by Meijer’s has been purchased separately and will still function as a gas station. Once we have additional details regarding the sale of the property we will let everyone know.

Target will be moving to the 256 area, however we have been in contact with them and Target is extremely safety conscience and has guaranteed to do everything possible to ensure the safety and upkeep of the building until they find a suitable buyer. In addition, Target receives numerous grants to help with local block watches and although we have not discussed any specific funding, they have expressed an interest to help us either financially or with merchandise.

We have been advised that Lynne LaCour with the Columbus PRIDE Center is working on trying to get a corridor plan established for the Brice Road area. The PRIDE center is hearing our complaints and fully understand that the area is in danger. Once we have an update we will let you know.

Tussing Road Business History

December 29, 2009 Update: I have been contacted by a few local businesses who are extremely interested in taking part in our community watch. Obviously this is an excellent step forward and this combined with the Brice Rd. businesses will only help us in our endeavors to clean up the area.