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Tussing Elementary

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Tussing Basketball Hoops/Midnight Games History

  • Fall 2009: Due to continued concern of activities on the basketball court, we continue to stay in close contact with Tussing Elementary in order to identify necessary steps to prevent concerning activities from occurring/re-occurring. When necessary, the basketball hoops will be taken down on weekends to prevent their misuse and abuse on Friday & Saturday nights. Anyone who may be experiencing issues while on the Tussing Elementary playground are strong encouraged to notify the TBW so that these issues can be addressed with the school and an adequate resolve reached.   
  • 10/9/08: The signs are now posted in both the front and back of Tussing Elementary stating that the school property is now closed from Dusk till dawn. Anyone parked or otherwise on the property after dark will be charged with trespassing. Additional signs have been requested and once they are in, they too will be placed in additional locations on the property.
  • 6/14/08: We have discussed with Ms. Henson, the new principal for Tussing Elementary regarding the status in having the signs posted. She has received a copy of the letter from the Groveport Madison School District to the City of Columbus regarding the land adjacent to Independence Park and will request that the school board draft a letter of a similar nature allowing the Columbus Police Department to enforce any hour restrictions that may be posted on the property.
  • First Update: Due to recent issues involving individuals jumping fences to retrieve balls, extremely foul language, and threats to steal a homeowners property, Ms. Henson the new principal for Tussing Elementary has agreed to advise those individuals playing on the courts that if we continue to have any more problems with these issues, she will take the hoops down and we will reevaluate the need to either shorten the hoops or to remove them all together. Other options are welcome...
  • Original: At this time I have spoken with Mr. Wilkinson, the Principal for Tussing Elementary and due to the type of basketball hoops at the school and the recent concern is whether lowing the hoops will only allow them to be broken more frequently as it will make it easier for the older kids hanging out to dunk the ball, we have decided not to lower them. However, we may have found something even better. As it is now, any individuals who are not subject to curfew laws are not violating any laws and without the police seeing any illegal activity, cannot be searched and cannot be forced to leave the property. Mr. Wilkinson, Officer Poole and myself are working to post signs on the school's property advising that the property will be closed at a certain time (most likely either at dusk or 11 p.m.). After the stated time, any individuals (parked or on foot) found on school property can be arrested and searched (which may help cut down on any drug activity). All we need to do is place a call into the police department letting them know that individuals are trespassing on school property. The responding police officer will then use discretion to either arrest the individual(s), or simply tell them to leave. This will greatly cut down on late night basketball games, drug activity and lovers using the parking lot. Our hope is to have these posted by spring.

Origins of Communication

  • 10/9/08: Although Ms. Henson has taken over as principal of Tussing Elementary, we continue to keep the flow of communication open and are working together to undertake any issues that may arise involving the school and the surrounding community.
  • Previous: This is not a concern. During this entire process I have developed a give and take relationship with the staff. The invitation to attend our meetings has been extended to the entire staff as our issues are also their issues. I have been in contact with their janitorial staff (very nice ladies) and have heard their concerns. They are an extremely good source of information as they are the ones who end up cleaning up any damage left behind by troublesome individuals. In addition I have spoken with Mr. Wilkinson, the Principal at Tussing Elementary and he has agreed to allow us to take any photographs of graffiti so that we can make sure it is not gang related and he is going to keep us advised as to any incidents that occur so they can be addressed. In addition, Mr. Wilkinson as well as Ms. Henson with the school system, will be copied on any incident alerts that may go out so that they are also aware as to what is going on. We have been given approval to put block watch signs on the school's property and Mr. Wilkinson agrees that using the back entrance to the school during non school hours, will help as a deterrent.